Knight Pegasus Airsoft Site Rules

Please read the rules below PRIOR to booking yourself into one of our events


Pre-Game Requirements:

  • All players must read these rules and sign a disclaimer before the event.
  • Children under 16 must have their disclaimer completed and signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Disclaimers can be completed via the Google form link sent with your ticket confirmation or downloaded from our website and returned by email to

1. Biodegradable BBs Only:

  • Only Biodegradable BBs are permitted. Players may be required to prove their BBs are biodegradable before games start.

2. Terrain Caution:

  • The site has uneven ground, fallen trees, and slippery slopes.
  • Wear sturdy boots with ankle support (high, full-leather boots are recommended).
  • Footwear may be inspected for suitability before gameplay.

3. Parking:

  • Limited parking is available at the game site.
  • Park neatly and as directed by marshals
  • Vehicles are left at the owner's risk.

4. Restricted Areas:

  • The site is part of an active farm. Players must stay within designated areas. Wandering off may lead to removal from the site.

5. Face Protection:

  • Full-face masks are recommended for all.
  • Mandatory for under 18s.
  • Players over 18 may opt for protective glasses/goggles instead, at your own risk.

6. Eye Protection Rules:

  • Eye protection must not be removed outside the safety area, including during weapon chrono testing.
  • If you MUST remove your eye pro, shout for a marshal first.
  • If your eye pro falls off/breaks, shout "cease fire." If you hear this command, relay it, stop firing and put your weapon on 'Safe.'

8. Respect Wildlife:

  • Do not shoot at farm animals or any wildlife.

9. Safe Area Weapon Rules:

  • No loaded weapons in the safety area.
  • Unload before entering.
  • No dry firing in the safety area.

10. Briefing Etiquette:

  • Remain quiet and attentive during safety and game briefings. Marshals' decisions are final.

11. Conduct:

  • Zero tolerance for abusive language and behaviour.
  • Offenders will be warned and removed.
  • Any form of physical assault will be an immediate, permanent ban.

12. Littering:

  • Keep rubbish in the safety area. Either take it home or use the bins provided.

13. Weapon Limits:

  • At present we do not accept HPA
  • Snipers are only permitted during Summer due to foliage, but permission must be granted by KPA first.
  • AEG, Pistols, Shotguns: 1.14 Joules (0.20g-0.28g bbs)
  • DMR: 1.88 Joules (0.25g-0.28g bbs)
  • Single-action Sniper: 2.32 Joules (0.30g MAX weight for bbs, this is until our site has finished being developed)
  • All weapons will be chrono-tested before gameplay.

14. Engagement Rules:

  • Maintain sensible engagement distances. Single shot within 10 meters.
  • DMR minimum 20 meters.
  • Single-action minimum 30 meters.

15. Hit Rules:

  • A hit from a BB on any part of the body counts.
  • Raise your hand, shout "hit", and follow respawn rules.
  • Dead men do not talk, you must not communicate to others when hit unless medic rule applies.
  • Knife kills are silent (do not shout hit).

16. Honesty and Respect:

  • Airsoft is an honesty game. Report non-hit taking to a marshal.

18. Pyrotechnics (Pyros):

  • Only players 18+ may use Pyros.
  • Only reputable Pyros may be used, consult a marshal if unsure.
  • Usage depends on conditions and will be decided on the game day.
  • Pyro kill radius: 5 meters. Hard cover protects from outside pyro.

19. Personal Equipment:

  • Do not touch others' equipment without permission.

20. Fire Safety:

  • No fires on site.
  • If you discover a fire, immediately alert a marshal and shout, "Fire, Fire, Fire."
  • Under 18s should not attempt to put out fires.

21. Substance Policy:

  • No drugs or alcohol on site.
  • Anyone under the influence will be barred from gameplay.

Remember, these rules are in place for everyone's safety and enjoyment. Non-compliance may result in removal from the game or site. Thank you for respecting the rules of Knight Pegasus Airsoft.

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